“I got what I wanted!”

I was worried about the pain during the treatment, but the BS Specialist put the brace on without causing me any pain and it was quick too!
I didn’t walk normally before because of my ingrown toenail, but now when I walk, it isn’t painful anymore.

I enjoy doing daily activities now.


“It works!!”

I used BS Brace for a few months after trying other products. 

The treatment application itself was very quick and simple. I was truthfully surprised how fast this worked. After a few minutes, I could see my nail already lifting, which instantly gave me relief. 

I am 100% very happy with the results.


“Wow! Started working immediately!”

I have had a curved toenail for about 15 years. I wasn’t keen on having surgery, or anything invasive, as I prefer alternative treatments in general. The BS Specialist just put it on about 20 minutes ago. 

I can already see a notable improvement in the shape of my toenail. 

I am absolutely and completely amazed.


“I recommend it!”

I’ve been dealing with the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails on both big toes for several years. I’m so glad I found BS Brace. 

My doctor put on the braces the very next day. 

Within a day, the pain and discomfort were gone. 

I currently have pain free toenails for the first time in two years.