Treatment Process


Apply BS adhesive

Apply BS adhesive across the entire surface of BS Brace on the side that will be stuck to the nail.


Application of the Brace

Apply BS Brace from one side of the nail to the other. 
Lightly press the end of the BS Brace onto the nail for ten seconds.


Remove magnetic point

Wipe with BS Cleaner to remove the dark metal lacquer (the magnetic point).



Use BS adhesive to seal the nail and the BS Brace. Once the sealant is dry, you can go back to your normal daily activities. BS Brace is beautifully transparent.

More About

BS Brace Magnet - Optimised technique.

BS Brace Magnet – Optimised technique.

This method using a magnetic applicator for easier, faster and safer application of the BS Brace to the nail.
BS Brace was developed with a magnetic point. At the centre of the BS Brace there is a metallic spot. One of the most significant differences when using the magnetic applicator is that not only can the BS Brace be applied exactly starting from the centre of the nail, it is also possible to fix it by starting at one nail fold and rolling it across the nail to the opposite one.
This practical aid, as well as the BS Brace with the magnetic point, was developed to make it easier for podiatrists and professionals to place the brace exactly on the nail and make it more comfortable to wear.

“Professional results presuppose a method of working which is always being perfected.”

Exact method of working!

The magnetic applicator defines the present qualitative standard with which the highly effective brace can be applied. Using this applicator it is possible to determine the ideal size of brace right at the beginning of the treatment and then fix it comfortably and securely to the nail in question.

Choosing the size of brace:

The size of brace is determined by placing the point of the magnetic applicator at the side edge of the nail, 1-2 millimetres behind the part which is hurting, and rolling it right across the nail to the opposite edge. The magnetic applicator should cover the nail only; the ends must not stick out. The size is shown on each magnetic applicator, making it easy to see which brace size should be used.

Fixing the brace:

The chosen size of brace is placed on the magnetic applicator so that the magnetic point adheres to it. After applying BS activator to the nail and brushing BS Basic adhesive over the brace, one tip of the magnetic applicator is placed on the nail exactly where the size of brace was determined. Next steps: allow the adhesive to dry for few seconds and then roll the brace across the nail to the opposite side. Wait another ten seconds.
Alternatively, the BS Brace can be applied starting from the centre of the nail. After holding it in place on the centre of the nail for ten seconds the BS Brace is then pressed on to one edge of the nail. After waiting another ten seconds, press the other end of the BS Brace on to the other side of the nail. Wait a further ten seconds.
It is entirely up to the professionals to choose how they work.
If the tension of the applied brace feels too tight, this can be reduced by grinding the ends of the brace thinner. Finally, the nail and the applied BS Brace are sealed carefully, using BS Basic adhesive.

Again, once the sealant has dried the usual nail care can be completed:

• Plugging the nail fold
• Applying a salve dressing
• Lacquering the nails

More width – More surface area – Greater strength