World’s Best Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Nowadays ingrown toenails are no longer seen as frightening.

Why? Because of BS Brace technology.

With BS Brace’s unique treatment, the solution is devised accordingly!

No Surgery Required

Surgery Free ingrown toenail treatment


The Brace is simply bonded across the surface of the nail. The BS Brace does not have to be pre-stressed or shaped.


It can be applied in just seconds, saving time! The healing process is quick too!


With this method, the treated nail is gently and carefully lifted out of the nail fold. A gentle effect is guaranteed!

Even Easier! Even Quicker!

Evolved Ingrown Toenail solution!

Why BS Brace?

The BS Brace is an original, with all its basic as well as specific strong points. So it’s great that you are interested in this surgery free ingrown toenail system!

Surf through our pages. Discover lots of facts about what makes the BS Brace so unique. For example, how easy it is to use, how it can be applied in just seconds and how well and comfortably it fits. Also, the safest option for people who suffer from diabetes.

BS Brace – curved Ingrown toenails.

Millions of people tend to get ingrown toenails. Their degree of pain is high and their history of suffering often lasts many years, if not decades – always accompanied by enduring strong pains.

The knowledge of these problems and the realization that classic podiatry treatment could not offer the answer gave BS Brace treatment the idea of looking for an alternative, highly effective solution.

This is ingrown nail solution for podiatrists too!

Nowadays, ingrown toenails are no longer as frightening.

Why? Because it’s only rarely that radical treatment involving removal of the nail is necessary. Instead, even very extreme problems can be solved in a gentle way – thanks to BS Brace technology.

Problem perceived. Solution devised!

BS Brace – Beneficial effect

The world’s fastest growing, safest ingrown toenail treatment which is a revolutionary quick, simple and painless method of treating ingrown toenails and the safest option for people who suffer from diabetes.

Extremely flat. Flexible. Soft and smooth. These are the three fundamental features of the BS Brace.

Extremely flat means: each of these braces made of a special synthetic material is just a fraction of a millimetre thick, making them inconspicuous.

Flexible, soft and smooth means: the plastic strip gets its excellent functionality as a nail-forming brace from the extraordinary features of this material, which was developed specifically for this purpose. It is designed to fit the individual shape of the nail as well as having the specific stability required to bear pressure and counter pressure – not just for a short time but for the whole of the treatment period.

When this beneficial effect appears:

  • Ingrown toenails can be lifted out of the nail bed gently and continuously
  • The nail and the nail bed are straightened. Stays safely in place
  • The patient is usually free of pain as soon as treatment begins
  • Comfortable to wear and transparent looking
  • As a logical consequence, this freedom from pain also means the patient is more mobile


BS Brace - Corrective brace.

For over two decades, the BS Brace has been available as a tried-and tested therapy concept for the gentle treatment of ingrown toenails. Made of synthetic fibreglass, it is ground with the aid of computer technology to a thickness of exactly two thousandth of a millimetre. This material meets the high specific criteria for stability and elasticity, as well as being easy to use when applied by professionals.

The BS Brace is manufactured in six useful sizes and works according to the same principle as a leaf spring. This means that by applying the flat brace to a diseased ingrown and rolled up toenail, the brace’s resetting force is transferred directly to the nail.
The physical law of pressure and counter pressure is crucial for the required nail correction and the resulting quick healing process. This works automatically when the BS Brace is applied, especially as the tension of the brace can be reduced slightly as needed. With this method, the treated nail is gently and carefully lifted out of the nail fold.
Concept applied. Effect guaranteed!

BS Brace - Qualitative requirement.

Professional. Precise. Patient-orientated. Consistent in consultation, service and distribution. It is in accordance with these criteria that the creator of BS Brace Company has been researching and manufacturing at the company’s headquarters in Germany for over two decades.
The BS Brace has been available as a gentle, tried and tested method of treatment of ingrown toenails, currently practiced in over 40 countries around the world and growing rapidly.
Checking the bending strength with the use of computer technology, magnet inductive controlling of the thickness and permanent testing of the adhesive power are just three of the many criteria which document the consistent precision and reliable function of BS Braces.
Criteria defined. Goals achieved!

BS Brace Magnet - Optimized technique.

This method using a magnetic applicator for easier, faster and safer application of the BS Brace to the nail.
At the same time, the BS brace was developed with a magnetic point. At the centre of the BS Brace there is a metallic spot. One of the most significant differences when using the magnetic applicator is that not only can the BS Brace be applied exactly starting from the centre of the nail, it is also possible to fix it by starting at one nail fold and rolling it across the nail to the opposite one.
This practical aid, as well as the BS Brace with the magnetic point, was developed to make it easier for podiatrists and professionals to place the brace exactly on the nail and make it more comfortable to wear.

” Professional results presuppose a method of working which is always being perfected.“

Exact method of working!
The magnetic applicator defines the present qualitative standard with which the highly effective brace can be applied. Using this applicator it is possible to determine the ideal size of brace right at the beginning of the treatment and then fix it comfortably and securely to the nail in question.

Choosing the size of brace:

The size of brace is determined by placing the point of the magnetic applicator at the side edge of the nail, 1-2 millimetres behind the part which is hurting, and rolling it right across the nail to the opposite edge. The magnetic applicator should cover the nail only; the ends must not stick out. The size is shown on each magnetic applicator, making it easy to see which brace size should be used.

Fixing the brace:

The chosen size of brace is placed on the magnetic applicator so that the magnetic point adheres to it. After applying BS activator to the nail and brushing BS Basic adhesive over the brace, one tip of the magnetic applicator is placed on the nail exactly where the size of brace was determined. Next steps: allow the adhesive to dry for few seconds and then roll the brace across the nail to the opposite side. Wait another ten seconds.

Alternatively, the BS Brace can be applied starting from the centre of the nail. After holding it in place on the centre of the nail for ten seconds the BS Brace is then pressed on to one edge of the nail. After waiting another ten seconds, press the other end of the BS Brace on to the other side of the nail. Wait a further ten seconds.
It is entirely up to you to choose how you work.
If the tension of the applied brace feels too tight, this can be reduced by grinding the ends of the brace thinner. Finally, the nail and the applied BS Brace are sealed carefully, using BS Basic adhesive.
Again, once the sealant has dried the usual nail care can be completed:

• Plugging the nail fold
• Applying a salve dressing
• Lacquering the nails

More width - More surface area - Greater strength

More width

The standard width of the BS Brace Magnet is 3 mm. For more option, this is a 4mm magnet brace has been created.

More surface area

Because the width of the 4mm variant is 30% greater, its adhesive surface has also grown by 30%. This significantly fortifies the bond with the nail.

Greater strength

For clarity‘s sake: although a stronger BS Brace than the standard 3mm BS Brace has been available for 20 years now, its bolstered strength is derived solely from the material, which is 20 thousandths of a millimeter thicker. With the same width of 3 mm, this means: a gain in strength must have its effect on the nail with the identical surface area. The apparent idea of obtaining additional strength through a specific widening of the brace has now been effectively put into practice. The 4mm brace can be visually recognized by its broader shape.

Enhancement and extension

When a change is made to a proven product that has been a worldwide success for decades, this must be very carefully planned. In the case of the 4mm wider brace, the change had absolutely no effect on the familiar BS Brace application method. To the contrary: it is an enhancement and extension of the corrective treatment of severely ingrown nails.

Not only must strength be transferred, there must be a reliable bond too! The idea of increasing the strength by widening the BS Brace is as obvious as it is inspired. Just take a look at the application of the BS Brace4mm brace.

However, due to the greater holding strength, you should ensure that your patient is not subjected to any tension pain or other discomfort.

The usual routine method of working still applies and will be improved further.

BS Brace - Interesting story.

The creator of BS Brace, Bernd Stolz began his career as a chiropodist at the age of 14, in his parents’ company. A year later he learned how to use the Ross Fraser bilateral orthonyxie brace. Despite its success in therapy he soon concerned himself with its disadvantages. Following a partial resection of an ingrown nail it is not possible to use one of these corrective braces because the hooks of the wire brace have to be inserted under the nail fold at the edge. A further disadvantage of these hooks is the strong pain they cause, especially when the nail fold is inflamed. This is a very serious problem, particularly for diabetics who cannot define pain very clearly. And then he had a thought: “It must be possible to apply a nail brace without using these hooks.” The idea was born; next it had to be executed technically. After going through all the possible scenarios it turned out that the most feasible solution would be to stick the brace to the nail. However, finding the right material proved very difficult. Experiments with metal braces did not lead to the desired effect. Nor did conventional plastic achieve the success he hoped for. Finally, Duroplast strengthened with fibreglass led to the breakthrough!

A patent for the BS Brace was applied for all over Europe.
By working as a chiropodist every day, Bernd Stolz was always confronted by his product and continued to think up improvements.

Launch in Asia

Development and Launch of the BS Brace magnet.

Launch of the magnet 4mm wider brace.

Launch in Australia and New Zealand!
TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered and a member of the Australian Podiatry Association.

Participate at Podiatry conference

Improvements made over the years are mostly to do with the method of application of the BS Brace. The basic principle is based on the same physical laws as that of a leaf spring, namely using pressure and counter pressure. This works in the most harmonious way for the nail and cannot be improved. For BS Brace, the force in relation to the size of the brace is adjusted exactly. The BS Brace does not have to be pre-stressed or shaped. It is simply stuck across the nail, which needs correcting. It fits the shape of the nail automatically and the resulting resetting forces shape and flatten the nail. Elementary physical laws work here.