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Why is a toenail ingrowing? There are many reasons that an ingrown toenail develops. Maybe you know one or two, but may not know the others. Ingrown toenails may occur at any age by daily movement, lifestyle, and some accident happenings. If you got such a painful symptom, it can be relieved by lifestyle changes. Here are eight of the primary reasons: (1)

1. Improper nail cutting technique

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Improper trimming such as cutting them too short cause ingrown toenails. It’s crucial that cleaning your feet before trimming, and then trim the nail straight across by using a proper tool such as nail clippers or manicure scissors.


2. Tight-fitting footwear

Footwear such as shoes, socks and tights affect your feet condition. If you feel pain by shoes, those need to be expanded.


3. Trauma

Athletes are likely to get ingrown toenails. Involving repeated pressure on the toes such as kicking or running sometimes cause ingrown toenails. And stubbing your toe, and object fall on your toe, as well.


4. Anatomical factors such as thickening of the nail plate

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Older people are at greater risk of thickened nails, and it can cause ingrown toenails.


5. Pincer-shaped toenail


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Pincer nails, sometimes called trumpet nails, are an extreme curve in the nail and digs deeper into the skin. “Pincer nails are more common as people age,” said Dr. Darren Weinheimer, a podiatrist who practices in Binghamton, N.Y. (2)


6. Pressure from abutting digits caused by hallux valgus or lesser toe deformities

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As you know, hallux valgus or lesser toe deformities are painful symptoms. In fact, ingrown toenails may be caused by these conditions.


7. Presence of a subungual exostosis

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Subungual Exostosis is an abnormal bony growth on the surface of a bone under the nail, and is often misdiagnosed for ingrown toenails but ingrown toenails may be caused by subungual exostosis.(3)


8. Use of isotretinoin in the treatment of severe acne (Occasionally)


Isotretinoin (also known as Roaccutane, Accutane or Oratane) is a medication used for acne treatment, and is listed in one of the reasons of ingrown toenails. (4)