Only available at the NSW & ACT State Podiatry Conference 2016

BS Brace is happy to announce that the creator of BS Brace, Bernd Stolz is coming from Germany to join the Australia podiatry conference and will be stationed at our booth number 26!
Bernd will also hold a BS workshop during the Expo at our booth and another workshop onMay 3rd at the Association’s office.

This informative event, is a great opportunity to meet the person behind the brace technology and hear what a professional with many years experience behind him in the podiatry and ingrown toenail treatment industry, has to say on the subject. The workshop aims to provide you with detailed insight into the BS
Brace method and show you a different
perspective (Bernd Stolz’s) of the treatment that has sparked your curiosity.
Seats are limited for this complimentary eventBOOK NOW! 

Special Guest from Germany
BS Brace Creator: Bernd Stolz

Bernd_StolzBS Brace Creator Bernd Stolz, began his career
 as a podiatrist at the age of 14,
 while being exposed to the profession at his parent’s podiatry clinic. A year later he learned how to use the wire brace. Despite its success in therapy, he soon concerned himself with its disadvantages. One of a disadvantage of these hooks is a strong pain they cause, especially when the nail fold is inflamed. This is a serious problem, particularly for diabetics.
After going through all the possible scenarios, it turned out that the most feasible solution would be to stick the brace to the nail.
It is in accordance with these criteria that the Bernd Stolz company has been researching and manufacturing at the company’s headquarters in Germany for over two decades.
As an owner-operated company, they make a point of working closely with their partners in surgeries and in the clinical sector.

What we will cover over the three days and at the workshop

  • How BS Brace Works
  • Benefits of BS Brace
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Product review
  • Demonstrations and Application of BS Brace