Best Ingrown Toenail Treatment in the world!


It has been used successfully worldwide in over 40 countries for 30 years now. With its advanced developed technology and high safety system, BS brace is the solution to treat people who suffer from ingrown toenails.


The BS Brace is a translucent fibreglass sheet. It is extremely flat, flexible, soft and smooth that uses tension like a spring and involves returning deformed nails to its original shape.

Why did our company choose this product out of a lot of other products on the market?

Because there are many beneficial effects. For example, BS Brace does not have to be pre-stressed or shaped before application and no hooking wire inserted under the nail plate. It is simply bonded across the surface of the nail.

By mounting it from the top it can be applied even on thick nails and you can do much more things while wearing it, such as wearing open toe shoes or even getting a pedicure treatment (which is excellent news for women!!) and you are able to do any daily activities afterwards WITHOUT any PAIN !!