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Nowadays ingrown toenails are no longer seen as frightening. Why? Because of BS Brace technology. With BS Brace’s unique treatment, the solution is devised accordingly!

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Why BS Brace?

The BS Brace is a unique brace, with a basic structure and specific strong points.


The Brace is simply bonded across the surface of the nail. The BS Brace does not have to be pre-stressed or shaped.


It can be applied in just seconds, saving time! The healing process is quick too!


With this method, the treated nail is gently and carefully lifted out of the nail fold.

Join Workshop

In order to maintain quality and to ensure proper treatment is given to patients, we hold workshop to focus on the technical side of BS Brace and cover both skills involved and the knowledge of the product.

Our products are available solely to accredited BS Brace clinics / practitioners who are certified and have attended and successfully completed our workshop.


BS Brace Magnet Professional Set 3mm Wide

BS Brace Magnet
Professional Set 3mm Wide

BS Brace Magnet Professional Set 4mm Wide

BS Brace Magnet
Professional Set 4mm Wide

Even Easier! Even Quicker!

Evolving! After the worldwide success of the original model (BS Brace Classic), the manufacturer did a lot of research and testing. As a result of this, the innovative model, the BS Brace Magnet was launched in 2012. The applicator has two different-sized ends for different sizes of BS Brace. (6 different sizes available). Exactly the right size for every nail! There are also 2 different widths available with different tension strengths (3mm and 4mm).
 The integrated magnet applicator holds the brace at the magnet point, making it even easier, faster and safer to apply the BS Brace to the nail plate.

“I got what I wanted!”

I was worried about the pain during the treatment, but the BS Specialist put the brace on without causing me any pain and it was quick too!
I didn’t walk normally before because of my ingrown toenail, but now when I walk, it isn’t painful anymore.

I enjoy doing daily activities now.



“Wow! Started working immediately!”

I have had a curved toenail for about 15 years. I wasn’t keen on having surgery, or anything invasive, as I prefer alternative treatments in general. The BS Specialist just put it on about 20 minutes ago.
I can already see a notable improvement in the shape of my toenail.

I am absolutely and completely amazed.



“It works!!”

I used BS Brace for a few months after trying other products.
The treatment application itself was very quick and simple. I was truthfully surprised how fast this worked. After a few minutes, I could see my nail already lifting, which instantly gave me relief.

I am 100% very happy with the results.



“I recommend it!”

I’ve been dealing with the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails on both big toes for several years. I’m so glad I found BS Brace.
My doctor put on the braces the very next day.
Within a day, the pain and discomfort were gone.

I currently have pain free toenails for the first time in two years.




Behind the scenes ~ ingrown nail care with BS Brace

Best Ingrown Toenail Treatment in the world!   It has been used successfully worldwide in over 40 countries for 30 years now. With its advanced developed technology and high safety system, BS brace is the solution to treat people who suffer from ingrown toenails....

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